Sexy fightress on board! All in Legend of Norland!

At 04/27/2016

Sexy fightress on board! All in one-hand QTE action game - League of Norland

League of Norland is a QTE action game published by T1GAMER, it will be first launched both on IOS and Android.

World class game screen built by EYES BLACK team, which has taken part in the development of The Elder Scrolls, League of Legends, God of War and a bunch of well-known epic 3A masterworks. Brand new shocking skill effects catch lots of fans eyeballs, and all of these will be reflected in the following heroes.

Seal has been broken, summoners with mysterious power are awakening!

Norland, once was a vivifying magic land, now has been invaded by darkness insensibly due to the unlimited abuse of magic. In order to defend their homeland, summoners with mysterious power break seal and awake heroes! All kinds of heroes are summoned and fight for Norland.

Gregor - The Berserker, unstoppable, unafraid and unbeatable!

Gregor is the chief of wilden clan, his dual hammers are forged with ancient cold iron, the power they have can even smash mountains and cut off rivers. Gregor have lead his clan to conquer dozens of enemies. He is invincible in eyes of his enemies!

Gregor is extremely powerful in combat. He can deals massive physical damage to his enemies with his dual hammers. He also has balanced abilities in health, physical attack and resistance. Meanwhile, Gregor’s skill also get a damage bonus by a percentage of his maximum health, the more health points he has, the more damage he can deal.

Selina - The Kitty Cat, sexy and charming but a harbinger of death

Under the shadow of Norland’s night, there lurks a mysterious order of assassins. And Selina is the best of the best among them. Her magic ability is as powerful as Lalaith, her dual daggers flaring blood-red light are nightmares of her opponents.

In combat, Selina’s ability Dance of Phantom can let her charge back and forth among enemies, and turn her into a deadly shadow leaping into air, deal massive damage to enemies from sky. When fighting against BOSS, Selina’s dance can let her dodge damage and attack at the same time. No doubt she is a hero you must choose.

Heroes assemble! Fight for Norland!

Except Gregor and Selina, there are countless heroes in Norland. Lalaith, a miko and also a little loli with powerful magic ability. Kenshin, a samurai who has inherited the ability to master the wind. Mashav, a mighty magician who has noble vampire blood. In Legend of Norland, you can command these honorable heroes, dispel darkness tarnishing Norland and bring peace back to it.

League of Norland will start open beta on IOS at XXXX, there will be more powerful heroes coming out. Combined skills, QTE, press-to-dodge system and so on will also be online. An epic visual feast awaits!


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