Where evil exists, where I go! Goku’s introduction

At 04/19/2016

Legend of Norland, one-handed QTE action game, will be first launched both on iOS and Android at XXXX. This blockbuster of T1GAMER has recently released new hero’s PV, Goku – the Monkey King. With fancy graphics and refreshing action gaming experience, you will be completely amazed by this rebellious wild hero!

Goku – the Monkey King, wipe out all the evilness

With darkness rises, summoners break ancient seals and summon heroes to fight against the evil, and Goku is one of the best among these heroes.

Goku is a character based on Sun Wukong from Journey to the West, a famous classic from China. Just like Wukong, Goku is a tough fighter who fears no evil, and swears to smash all the darkness. He uses a golden staff as weapon, it’s a powerful ancient halidom.

Physical damage fighter with good attack and defense

As an AD hero, Goku has abilities like: the Magic Staff –Goku crushs and stuns enemies with enlarged giant staff, Riding Cloud – Goku charges forward to enemies and knock off them, Awe of He –Goku Spins staff to inflict damage on enemies around. All these abilities are AOE that deal massive damage. Strong controlling feedback, strong defense and strong AD ability make Goku one of the strongest heroes in Legend of Norland.

Splendid graphics, vivid action gaming, coolest skill effects, this is only the beginning of your life in Legend of Norland! What are you waiting for? Come and join us!


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