Guide to Initial Hero Gregor

At 04/15/2016

Three initial heroes are all quite powerful. Among them, Gregor is the most suitable one for new players. He is strong, easy to be controlled, and has good damage dealing and control ability. When you use Gregor to challenge stages, just keep him auto fighting and wait for victory.

Gregor has high initial HP, medium attack speed, Gregor’s abilities also get a damage bonus by a percentage of his maximum health, the more health points he has, the more damage he can deal. His soulstone trees’attributes are basically for HP promotion, and parts for attack promotion, that means Gregor can be both tank and damage dealer at the same time.

Select Equipment

Because Gregor has a not so fast attack speed, and also has a bit long abilities’CD. Most damage of his is dealt by abilities. So your priority equipment selection should be those with CDR attributes.


Farrer's Blade (HP regeneration, CDR, HP shield)  

Moonlit Killer(CDR, armor break)


Spirit Of Swamp(CDR, MR, damage bonus)


Spirit Of Swamp(CDR, MR, damage bonus)


Hideous Statue, Laffe's Flag, Nazarite's Necklace, If you treat Gregor as priority hero, equip him with Laffe's Flag, otherwise, choose another two.


Guard's Shoes or Babarian's Legging, CDR and damage +15% attributes suit Gregor very well.

Ability analysis:

Abilities in LoN are not hard to unlock, just unlock them when you reach certain level and have enough books.

All of Gregor’s abilities have a damage bonus by a percentage of his maximum health. If you equip Gregor as recommended, Gregor will get CDR attributes maximum to 72%,and his Axe Storm will lasts for 5 seconds, Wild Charge will lasts for 7 seconds, you can almost cast abilities seamless.


Be aware that Axe Storm and Wild Charge can not be cancelled during casting, neither can dodge too. So notice Gregor’s movement when casting.

When facing BOSS, look out for BOSS’s abilities. Use Touki Vortex to consume BOSS, use Axe Storm to deal massive damage when BOSS runs out of abilities. Notice Gregor’s movement, keep a distance with BOSS.

Always remember Gregor is both a tank and a damage dealer, try take him into a wild combat!


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