Arya - The Loose Cannon

At 05/26/2016

Speaking of Arya, maybe you’ll think of a cool rebellious girl.

Arya is one of the three optional initial girl, she is a moving arsenal full of deadly weapons, once blowed up a fort alone. She is wanted in many cities of Norland, but never been caught.

Pixie haircut, dramatic smoky eye make up, camouflage pants, and most eyecatching gear – the multifunctional heavy weapon on her back, all these make her look dangerous but attractive.

Arya has a impressive skill visual effect. There are 3 common abilities, Death laser missile – Arya launches a laser missile, triggers laser quake on first hit, cause an area damage. 

Death rocket – Arya launches a series of rockets at target area, inflicts massive area damage. 

Directional Explosion – Arya throws a grenade, explode if there's enemy inside that area, or explode after several seconds. 

As we can see, all abilities of Arya are AOE and long-range, she is very good at clean minions and hit & run, and easy to control at the same time.

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